Make Drug Therapy Safe & Efficient
through Implementation of Algorithms
of Personalized Pharmacotherapy


PGX2 – is a bioinformatic cloud service for data analysis and interpretation of pharmacogenetic test performed on the basis of SNP's (real-time PCR) or NGS, with additional estimated risks of polypragmasia.


Make safe and efficient drug therapy available in every doctor's routine practice.

Empirical selection of pharmacotherapy is associated with a high risk of adverse drug reactions (ADRs) and pharmacoresistance. Drugs fail to treat and cause ADRs due to individual variability in drug response and toxic reactions and based on a genetic polymorphisms profile, that predetermines the metabolic transformation, pharmacodynamics and medicine conjugation. Numerous studies of the influence of all the genes related to the individual response of a particular patient to a particular drug have shown that such problems are faced by every 5 people in the European population (a mutation of the CYP2D6 gene).

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do not show the desired therapeutic effect and cause ADRs. Safe and efficient treatment demands preliminary genetic testing to achieve personalization of drug therapy and avoid the consequences of polypragmasia and pharmacoresistance.


Software that enables to analyse and interpret you DNA test results (on the basis of 154 polymorphisims) and generates a report that includes 52 drug groups with 655 drugs (more than 5000 generics) of 8 nosologies (psychiatry, neurology, cardiology, alergology, gastroenterology, endocrinology, dermatology and infectious diseases), which is by far the largest database of pharmacogenetic biomarkers in the world.




The strongest team of multidisciplinary pharmacogenetics, who are the most cited and productive researchers in various areas of pharmacotherapy (narcology, psychiatry, cardiology, neurology, gynecology, etc), contributes to the creation of a daily updated scientific basis of PGX2.

The PGX2 team has over 100 scientific publications in just 2 years of collaboration. The technology allows to integrate machine deep learning with advanced knowledge of the world pharmacogenetics of Level of evidence 1 to the daily practice of physicians.


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